For many women weight loss has been connected to:

👉A relationship break-up.  Rejection hurts but “revenge bodies” are real. 

👉Skipping meals and surviving off afternoon coffee to the point where each day feels low energy, foggy headed and miserable.

👉Guilt and/or shame.  Feeling as if you and your body are bad because you are a certain weight or size so you better work to “fix it.”

And it makes you dread wanting to lose weight because it’s attached to so many negative emotions! 

But, it doesn’t have to be! Weight loss can actually be a very POSITIVE experience!

As your coach, my goal is for you to ENJOY the journey of taking care of you! ✨

To fill your day with practices that make you…..

❤️Feel Healthy: Because you have been taking time to nourish your body with foods that make you feel energized!

💪Feel Strong: Like taking the kickboxing class you have always wanted to try!

😉Feel Confident:  Knowing you did what you said you were going to do for your health.

But, I’m curious, how many times has trying to lose weight sucked for you?