What if you are focusing on the wrong thing to lose weight?

You have been taught that 80% of weight loss is nutrition and 20% is basically everything else. 

To which, I say bull shit!

Ek, sorry, I am trying to work on not cussing as much—but sometimes, you just need to say it like it is. 

Weight loss is 80% mindset and 20% everything else. 

You can have the best meal plan in the world, but if you don’t stick to it because you have the all or nothing mindset—it won’t work!

You can have the healthiest foods in your fridge, but you don’t actually eat them because you have the mindset that you are “too tired” to cook a meal—it won’t work.

—like that bag of lettuce in your fridge right now that will likely spoil before you eat it. 

You can have all the support and resources and access to gym’s, food, coaching, but you have the mindset that you don’t deserve to feel, look and be healthy- it won’t work. 

Maybe you don’t need another meal plan, app, or product–may you need to call in a MINDSET of health success!

You really can look, feel and be healthy—BELIEVE it!

Much love, kindness and courage,