HealthWin - Any thought, activity or action, taken each day, to nourish your body's needs. Here’s how my clients have been winning!

Thank you! You are so positive about everything! I appreciate how attentive you have been. It is nice! It makes it easier.
— Elyse L.
Jana’s approach to health is amazing. She focuses on healthy eating, and integrating activity into your life, in a REAL and manageable way!
— Alex L.
I had the pleasure of working with Jana during her journey toward becoming a Registered Dietitian, and my experience with her was nothing short of inspiring. Jana’s gentle techniques to help others achieve optimal health are absolutely refreshing. Jana uses an intuitive eating approach to help her clients understand balance, learn to love their bodies, and make peace with food. I have known many healthcare providers who encourage patients to restrict the foods they love, all in the name of health. In contrast, Jana helps people nourish their bodies without feeling deprived, all while incorporating flavor, zest, and enjoyment into the experience of eating. She is always willing to meet her clients wherever their starting point may be, and she uses her expert guidance to compassionately challenge them every step of the way toward creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Jana exudes a comprehensive understanding of our profession, and she is fully invested in helping others to learn a whole new enjoyable way of living. I admire her patience, devotion, and genuine care for her clients, and I would happily recommend her services to anyone looking for a positive and worthwhile experience with health and nutrition.
— Carly S.
“As someone with a dairy allergy, Jana has helped me love food again! I was constantly afraid of food due to the reactions it would cause me to have. Jana has taught me how to read labels and better identify food that will work for me. In addition, Jana has helped me figure out how to incorporate healthy eating and smarter choices into my daily routine. These small steps have made a vast difference on my journey to a healthier life.
— Shawna