From Motivation to Action

Question: How do we move from motivation to action?

(Long) Answer:

Here’s the thing, motivation is in our head. But in order to get from motivation to action, we have to go through a little step called follow through. So, I thoughts I’d share how I keep in the action mode, rather than motivation mode……….

I’m pretty good when it comes to “eating right”, making meals at home, not eating out…etc… you know the food side of the health equations, but when it comes to exercise---I always need a little more help and accountability to stay consistent and committed. Exercise or movement not only helps me with my physical health—I feel so much more confident and comfortable in my own skin when I have been working out…But more importantly it keeps my mind right.  I very much so struggle with anxiety and have experienced severe depression in the past.  Exercise was one of the key components to helping me regain my mental health and put me on the track I am today.  #humble #grateful #blessed 

Okay, that got personal, so let me shift gears real quick—cuz your girl does experience vulnerability hangovers (if you have no clue what that is, read Brene Brown). :)

Here are some things I have learned in my own health journey to help keep me on pace with how I enjoy living my life.  You get to decide how you want to live your life, and maybe some of these “lessons learned” will help you in your own health journey. 

These steps help me keep moving, stay focused and create an environment that sets me up for success. Remember, what you focus on you create and what you pay attention to you win at!!!! Every. Damn. Day.


1)   Get an accountability partner.  They don’t need to be your gym buddy (cool if they can be) but they need to be someone that is on the same path as you.  I have a couple of these.  I let them know of my intentions for the week and tell them some areas I may struggle in. I also bitch and complain to them when I’m just not feeling it for the day and they get my butt back in line …. Who are some individuals who can be this person for you??

2)   SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS!! PLEASE!  This is a big one!  If you don’t create time for what you want, how the H. E. double hockey sticks are you going to succeed?? Make time for what you want and put it into your schedule.  I literally write my exercise time into my daily calendar—and it’s my time that doesn’t change. If momma ain’t well, ain’t no body happy, right?.  Lol You can’t pour from an empty cup. Fill yourself up and pour your joy, heart and love everywhere you go!!

3)   If you can’t support me, you are out of my life.  Or at least not a very close person in my life. I made this boundary 3 years ago.  I was with an individual that sucked all my energy and I had nothing left to give. I had just graduated from grad school and had been accepted into my Dietetics Internship. I had gained about 20 pounds, was crying myself to sleep way too often and was absolutely miserable. I kept saying I wanted to do better, but I could never make it happen…well, not until I started sticking firm to what I knew I needed to be the best me possible.  For me, and my personality, I need “me time”, I need exercise, I need outdoors, I need a glass of wine and I need lots and lots of laughter. Life brings way to many curve balls on it’s own, why be surrounded by individuals who are rooting for you to strike out???  

Now it’s your turn.  What do you need in your life to succeed?  What changes do you need to make to your schedule, to your lifestyle, to the people you keep around?  This isn’t any easy step. TRUST ME, it’s not easy…but man—when you get it right, it feels so amazing!!!

Do you boo, do you!  You have more control than you know. You are worthy, you are loved, YOU are enough!! Now, go create the life you deserve!

MUCH, much love and thankfulness