Too Busy for Health

Hi All, 

Are we too busy for health? 

I have been reading up on the power AND necessity of sleep, rest, disconnect and the great outdoors.  The more I learn the more I'm ready to get rid of it all......well, kinda! :)  

When it comes to pretty much anything in society, we want quick fixes, tips and tricks, and "cure alls."  Anywhere from diet pills, medication, the latest and greatest fad diet OR the best workout in town. And yet, we live in a society that is, in the words of Brene Brown,  'the most in-debt, obese, addicted and medicated adult cohort in U.S. history! 

Yikes!  Where have we gone wrong? 

Here's the thing.  Our lifestyles are exhausting.  We work endless hours per week, our stress levels are off the chart, we barely sleep, we have uppers (caffeine, energy drinks) to get us going each morning and downers (wine, weed, tequila, scotch, whatever you like) to settle down for the night.  We lack joyful movement in our day to day routine. Plus, we have so much food marketing coming our way on the daily that we have absolutely no clue what food is "good" or "bad" for us anymore. 

Given our lifestyles it's no wonder two of the main concerns I hear from individuals are the following: 

1) I want to lose weight, if I can lose 10-20 pounds I will be so much happier

2) I want more energy, I'm always so tired

And while those are legitimate concerns, those concerns only scratch the service of transforming ones health and wellness. Often I'll get asked, "Jana, just tell me what to eat."   And while I could 100% do that, and I'm all for nutrition education, in my heart of hearts I know that wont fix a damn thing. For me, it would be unethical to only skim the service and frankly it would allow me to be a lazy practitioner. 

The truth is, your lifestyle has to change. Your lifestyle doesn't allow for weight loss or increased energy levels. You are too busy for it.  

The truth about lifelong health and wellness is there is no magic pill, there is no quick fix, there is no miracle diet.  Sorry, I know, I'm being such a buzz kill.... The reality comes down to this:

1) Get some sleep!  For the love of dark chocolate, please get some sleep.  We are a chronically sleep deprived nation. The lack of sleep causes our stress hormones to increase, fogs our mental clarity, makes us crave fatty and highly processed foods and makes us all a little cranky.....

2) Do something each day that brings joy to your heart!  Find something that lights your soul on fire, and make--not find--make time for it everyday.  Play an instrument, drive in your car with the windows down (blaring rap music)...just saying, eat a piece of chocolate cake, explore the great outdoors---whatever it may be, do it! Joy of the heart has been contributed to more laughs in this lifetime than any low carb diet ever has!

3) Disconnect!  This is a big one.  Get off your phone, away from a computer screen and enjoy the environment around you! Get lost in this world! Meet and talk with people. Walk with your head up----actually SEE this amazing world we live in!

4) Take a Day of Rest!  Blue Zones, which are areas in the world that have the highest concentration of individuals over the age of 100 practice this each and every week.  They incorporate into their lifestyle a day where they do absolutely nothing.  They take time to connect with friends, family, and themselves--- no hustle and grind welcome on this day. 

Once you incorporate these 4 items into your everyday lifestyle, I guarantee your perspective will look a little different---you will have made time for health.  Your energy levels will sky rocket, your breathing will change, you will start craving different food items, you will want to be more active--- your whole world transforms.  No diet pill, no new medication, no new fad diet needed.