And here is why:

👉Rapid weight loss disrupts key hormones—leptin, ghrelin, and insulin—which regulate your appetite and hunger. When these hormones are not happy it leads to a rebound effect, causing a surge in sugar cravings!

👉You may not be adopting sustainable health practices. Juicing celery and swearing off carbs forever may not be practical with a full-time job, kids’ activities, and/or social events.

👉To lose 5-10 pounds, you would have consumed approximately 17,500-35,000 FEWER calories per week, essentially resulting in starvation. Not consuming enough calories per day lowers your metabolism.

Is it possible to lose 5-10 pounds per week- yes.  Is it realistic and sustainable, NO! 

So, what is the point of trying to lose weight if it isn’t something you can enjoy for the rest of your life?

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