The Healthy Body Collective

Are you tired of feeling trapped by diets that promise the world but leave you feeling defeated and insecure? 

Like every year you’re searching for the next best diet only to feel completely let down? 

As if no one understands how hard you’re trying to lose the weight or how you feel?

Then it’s time to join Jana Mowrer, Registered Dietitian and Body Confidence Coach, inside her exclusive membership the HEALTHY BODY COLLECTIVE. 

Jana helps keep you accountable and motivated so that you can experience first hand how results can be achieved without restricting all the foods you love and spending hours in the gym. 

Let me know if this sounds like you…

Dieting over the years has always been associated with: 

  • Starvation; skipping meals to save calories 
  • A hyper focus on the scale; weighing in daily, sometimes multiple times a day 
  • Guilt; feeling bad over enjoying foods you truly love 
  • Resentment; all of your skinny friends are eating carbs but the sight of them makes you gain weight

Then you’ve landed in the right place!

Inside THE HEALTHY BODY COLLECTIVE you can explore a new approach to health without judgment. This safe space was especially designed for you to be able to share your struggles and successes, find support from like-minded women, and uncover what’s been holding you back from living a lifestyle you are proud of. 

Our community is built on empathy, understanding, and encouragement providing you the support you need when your friends and family, as supportive as they may be, just simply cannot understand the struggles you face with food and body image.

I know you want to be able to FINALLY stop beating yourself up mentally as the only way to look and feel your best!

Imagine being able to:

  • Eat meals with your family and not have to cook a whole different meal for yourself without the fear of gaining weight 

  • Eat carbs without fear that you’ve got to spend two hours in the gym working them off

  • Be intimate with your partner because for the first time in years, you’re feeling confident about your body 

  • Continue making progress every Monday instead of starting over 

  • Stop weighing in every day because you know that the number on the scale doesn’t determine your self-worth

You CAN, and it’s all inside the membership!

For just $3.20 a day, LESS than a starbucks coffee, you will enjoy monthly exclusive access to:

  • 60 minute LIVE group coaching calls each month with Jana (recorded for later viewing)

-A $200 VALUE

  • 5 minute pre-recorded mindset reset video every Monday to set your week off right 

– A $50 VALUE

  • Community Exclusive Podcast recording every month

– A $100 VALUE

  • Monthly Self-Challenge- You Against You (limiting beliefs, body image, boundaries, communicating needs) 

-A $25 VALUE

  • Access to Jana (Dietitian and Body Confidence Coach) and a supportive community of other women for the length of your membership 


  • Exclusive one time discount if upgrading to 1:1 coaching with Jana 

-$200 OFF 1:1 Coaching

Total monthly VALUE: $575!! 

But, when you sign up, NOW, it’s just $99 per month! 

Do you want to keep delaying your success by googling “best way to lose weight fast”, starting over every Monday, engaging in continuous self-sabotage, feeling like shit, and having no support or direction? I know for you the answer is absolutely NOT!

Take your first step in re-creating your health by joining THE HEALTHY BODY COLLECTIVE! Hear from the expert what actually matters to ditch diets and truly care for your body and your mind. This is your time, it’s YOUR TURN!

Hi there, I’m Jana!

I was once like you! I spent the majority of my 20’s counting points. I went months without eating my favorite treats, and weighed myself daily ONLY to never get the results I truly longed for!

What I found in restricting all the carbs and taking metabolism boosting pills was sickness – not health. 

What I was doing was not actually moving me closer to my health goals because despite all my efforts, my weight continued to RISE. I was frustrated, helpless and fat. 

And what I came to learn over years of education and my own healing journey is that HEALTH has nothing to do with restriction! 

It’s not about doing more – it’s about thinking the right way! 

That is why I created THE HEALTHY BODY COLLECTIVE. So that you can finally care for yourself and your health without the lens of diet culture. 

I’m so excited to join you on this journey! It’s truly an honor to create a space where women can engage in candid conversations about weight and body image, support each other, and redefine what it means to care for your body. 

I know you will feel like you finally found a space to do the work in order to heal your relationship with food and your body so that you can live a healthy, strong and confident life!

Can’t wait to meet you, see you inside!

Frequently asked questions


No. From my 10 years of experience as a Dietitian, meal plans don’t work-long term. They also don’t teach you HOW to eat for your body. We are changing things up in this membership, it’s time to learn how to eat without having to follow a restrictive meal plan. Besides, how long did you follow them anyway? 🙂


This is a women only membership. While I coach men 1:1, this is a group for women to come together and support each other in creating health that feels best for them. This is the perfect membership for someone looking to ditch diet culture deception, get healthy and build body confidence all in an uplifting virtual environment.


Someone who is looking for a quick fix, meal plan, being told exactly what to eat or any other extreme. I dive deep. We will have honest, open and real conversations about what is holding you back from the health you say you want.


No problem! All coaching calls will be recorded and sent out to you within 24 hours of the live coaching call. You are always welcome to ask questions ahead of time for me to answer on the live call as well.


No. This is a minimum of 3 month commitment. It takes time to change your health and your lifestyle. This is not a quick fix, month to month program. This is for women ready to commit to a new approach to health.


You are investing in an initial 3-month membership at $99 per month. You will be charged automatically using the card you place on file. It will be processed on the same day each month. A 3 month total investment is $297


After 3 months you can decide to renew for another 3-months or you can cancel your membership. There are no month to month membership options.


No. This membership provides group coaching, not 1:1 coaching.


You can! If you would like to upgrade your membership to 1:1 coaching you will receive a one time only $200 off your coaching package. Send Jana an email at to upgrade your membership to 1:1 coaching.