This ⬆️from a podcast I recently listened to and I couldn’t agree more! 

I often hear women share they don’t want others to think: 

  • They are being selfish for asking for time to themselves- away from kids, husbands or friends. 
  • They are conceited or cocky for dressing up, feeling confident or being proud of themself. 
  • They are “weird” or “too picky” for not eating how everyone else eats at a dinner party or social event. 

They don’t want to come off as being “vain” or “stuck up.”  But what if it’s not about vanity at all, what if it’s about values. 

When your actions align with your values it’s more important for you to feel good about yourself on the INSIDE vs. look good to others on the OUTSIDE. 

And don’t you want others to see your values in action? 

I personally want to be caught in action! Where others can SEE that what I say is also what I do! 

So, if you value being healthy- let’s SHOW IT through your actions. 

  • Honor your body and your hunger so that you feel healthy, confident and strong.  
  • Intentionally make space on your calendar to prepare healthy meals, exercise, and get outside for fresh air. 
  • Set boundaries on your time and energy so you aren’t stressed AF every day. 

Taking care of your health is one of the most powerful expressions of self-value NOT of vanity.  If you are ready to show off your value of health to those around you, now is the time to sign up for my 1:1 coaching. Click LINK to schedule a connect call.