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Nutrition coaching for groups of all sizes, including families.

Unless you are single and living alone, your food choices and meal planning needs are part of a family dynamic. You are much more likely to be successful in achieving your goals – whether it’s weight loss, improving blood sugar or A1C levels, lowering your blood pressure, or managing chronic illness or digestive issues – when your family understands your new eating and nutrition goals. I can help your family do that. 

Or, if you’d like to join my group sessions, we I have the perfect program for you. Connect with like-minded individuals, have more accountability, and join me on this journey as part of our HealthWins community. 

Real food.
Real people.
Real results.


I’m here to release you from judgement and feeling like a failure. I know that there is more to your health than what is on your plate. And I know that what goes on in your thoughts and your life impacts what is on your plate.

I see the bigger picture and realize it’s not always just about food.

  • It’s about control.
  • It’s about feeling overwhelmed and confused.
  • It’s about the thoughts that create your relationship with food.
  • It’s about the things outside of hunger that are driving your food choices.

Let’s break through the noise, as I teach you how to enjoy food, enjoy life, and lose weight.

Group Packages

Become part of a community 

Bi-Weekly Group Zoom Calls and 1:1 Coaching support
  • Everyone is on Zoom session together bi-weekly
  • Every third week there is a 1:1 coaching Zoom session
  • Daily email/text access
  • Membership to Private Facebook Group
  • Endless accountability and support
I will set you up with a clear plan and strategy for the next best step for you and your needs

I hate meal plans! I am not a “meal plan dietitian.” You can Google search “meal plans for diabetics” and “meal plans for weight loss” and get tens of thousands of results. Our lifestyles – travel, kids, work, meetings, etc.) make it impossible for plan every meal. Then you’re set up to feel like a failure when you can’t stick to the plan.

I will gently guide, support and keep you accountable.

One of the things that amazes my clients after working with me for a little while is how easy this can be because I don’t start you out by overhauling your entire life. I start by listening and then helping you lay the foundation. We start by getting you to move in a healthier direction. Together, we’ll find the simple first goal that gets you on the path to success.

I will teach you how to eat for your body to get the result you are looking to achieve

You should see the look on people’s faces at parties when I tell them I’m a nutritionist! They’ll either look me up and down to judge my appearance (I understand how it feels to struggle with body image issues) to see if I look like a nutritionist. Or they will look at their own plate to see if they need to feel guilty or not. They’re surprised when I say, “Go get a cupcake!” They say, “Aren’t you a dietitian?” “I sure am… and this cupcake is delicious!”

My clients are just like you!

They come to me for help with food, dieting and a healthy body image, but they always tell me:

  • “My doctor told me to lose weight for my health and that’s all. Now I don’t know what to do.”
  • “Can’t you just give me a meal plan so I don’t have to think about what to eat?”
  • “I’m afraid you’re going to take away all the foods I like and I won’t be able to enjoy eating ever again.”

They are frustrated, feeling lost and think that as a nutritionist I’m going to judge what they eat and the way they look.

They’re often overweight or feeling unhealthy but are tired of diets and diet plans. They struggle with positive body issues. They’ve tried sticking to meal plans and strict food lists. Many of them have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetics or have diabetes in their family. They have health concerns and challenges from high blood pressure to food intolerances to PCOS.

Ready to start this journey with me?