Eating a LOW CARB diet (under 100 carbs per day) has been shown to increase food cravings, contribute to low energy levels and promote mental fogginess. 

Yep – A main misconception about weight loss is that you need to cut carbs in order to lose weight.

And so many women come to work with me from a long history of following low carb diets like  Atkins, Keto or Optavia – only to struggle with their weight, and for some finding themselves at their highest weight to date. 

So, why does eating LOW CARB stand in the way of you losing weight? 

  1. Low cal diets kick your body into a stress state which increases mental stress and produces increased cortisol levels. 
  2. Carbs are the OPTIMAL fuel source for the body and when consumed in extremely low amounts the body revs up hunger hormones to get you to eat! 

This is why I don’t recommend women to eat less than 130 grams of carbs per day!  It’s not sustainable, it doesn’t help you maintain a healthy weight long term and it’s against our biology. 

So, if you are wanting to lose weight AND eat carbs here is a quick list of healthy carbs to get you started:







Bell Peppers




Beans/Lentils of all kinds

Whole grain bread

What healthful carb will you be ADDING into your diet? Let me know, comment below with what yummy carbs you are enjoying this time of year!