This is a year for clarity, focus, surrender and release. 

To share some of my story with you, 2022 was a HARD year. It was a year of growth in darkness. I didn’t share too many details because they were whispers given to me by God solely for my soul.

I found myself in dark places. 

I found old trauma wounds resurfacing.

I found anger, resentment and disappointment to be the main emotions I had to sit with and work through. 

It was a year of grieving what was never mine AND a year of pure healing. 

You can not move forward, unless you accept right where you are!

Our journey’s will do that to us.  They will draw us into the dark to do the work that will be shown in the light. 

The ebb and flow. 

The high’s the low’s. 

The good and the bad. 

The ugly and the beautiful. 

We have and hold it all! BOTH are inside us all. 

When you hide the bad, you also block the good. 

Sometimes you have to feel like you are “going backwards” or “standing still” to FINALLY learn the lesson that will propel you forward!

Don’t worry about your pace or the desire for perfection. 

Connect with your soul, connect with your heart, connect with your personal journey. 

It all matters.  

It all will make sense in the end. 

Keep going. 

You ARE okay!

Much love, kindness and courage,